Letters Don't Burn



Letters Don’t Burn
Idea and Script writing and directed by: Qais Al-Sindy

Production supervisor: Muhammad Khalid
Cast: Zein KarazonJ– the Girl, Fahad Bakeer – the Man
Director of Photography: Omar Rjoub
Music and Sound Design: Anas Haddad
Financial support: Low price Auto Glass, Farid Koka Inc. – CA.
Choreography: Fuad Dhannon
Editing: Tahseen Azzawi
Original Format: HD – DV
Sound: Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 6:9
Duration: (10 min., 22 seconds) looping


This is the last scene (1 min. and 40 sec.) of the film -Letters Don’t Burn- which its duration is (10 min. and 22 sec.) All rights reserved.


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