Group Exhibition

December 5th, 2016


In celebration of the empowerment of female leaders, SYRA Arts has put together a unique collection of art works that acknowledges the importance of women in the social and economic development throughout the Middle East.

The exhibition includes artworks by female artists living and working in the Arab World or in the United States as well as works by their male counterparts illustrating the role and relevance of women in the social and cultural structure of the region. The show will be on December 5, to mark the Fifth Annual Arab-American Day, the League of Arab States and the U.S. Institute of Peace will host a discussion with Arab women leaders, academics and policymakers, including the newly-elected Minnesota House Representative and Somali American, Ilhan Omar, on how education and economic opportunities can engage women and men in supporting women’s voices, equality and success." The event is a closed one, but at the same time there is an expectancy of at least 400 guests. In the evening there will be a reception which will be attended by Ambassadors and policy makers, business men in DC.

Three are 12 participating artists, 4 men and 8 women, highlighting the importance of women in the Middle East and their impact on their communities. Qais Al-Sindy as one of participant artist who will show 2 paintings representing the theme of the Exhibit.










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