I will not leave the Horse alone.
Solo Exhibition at Gallery Errm
Riyadh- Saudi Arabia


Feb. 2, 2022. 


Al-Sindy stated in his synopsis about this exhibition: “I was inspired by the famous poem (The Eternity of Cactus) by the great Mahmoud Darwish to create this project. The poem is about involuntarily moving to somewhere else.

The idea of leaving is as old as humankind. The human being has always been on the move to find a better life and a better place. However, when he has to forcibly leave, he leaves a part of himself behind that stays there. There are things in us that we can find again only by returning there. It is difficult to leave a place that you have lived in and loved and where all your yesteryears are buried is hard to leave your home.
The Horse portrayed in this poem is one of the inhabitants of the house. It was left there to keep the house company, but the owner of the Horse will come back to live in the house and will not leave his house or his Horse alone.

In this exhibition, I depicted many horses in various motions. They reveal their inner feelings by being left unaccompanied by their owner. Here, the horses feel their new responsibility to take care of the trusteeship, to accompany the home of their owner, to guard it and to keep life within it. In this project, I have attempted to find the other side of these horses. Their power lies in the wisdom found in remembering their journey as a whole. Inevitably, the horse symbolizes that all pathways have equal validity. Keeping this in mind will grant insight into the power and glory of a unified family and humanity. Every human being must follow a pathway to empowerment before galloping on the wings of destiny. The destiny here is to return home.”

In a short video prior to the opening of the show: Qais Al-Sindy spoke about his upcoming exhibit:

عن أناسٍ رحلو عن مساكنهم ، عن اوطانٍ تحن لناسها واحوالهم، عن خيولٍ موسومةٍ بالحنين لاصحابها بقيت تصهل في بيوت فارغة, تضج بالذكريات وتشهد على ماضيهم واحوالهم

أقيم معرضي صهيل في مساكن الريح في كاليري ارم في الرياض في المملكة العربية السعودية - سيكون الافتتاح الاسبوع القادم في 2/2/22

المعرض يحتوي على 51 لوحة جديدة بمختلف الوسائط والقياسات, مضمونها يتركز على فكرة الرحيل, الاغتراب و واستبدال الامكنة, حيث نبحث عن ذواتنا المفقودة خلف اسوار المدن التي تركناها, والخيول التي كانت منذ الازل صديقة الانسان ورفيقة دربه في الترحال تشهد على حياته...تتقاسم معه الآم الرحيل ومصاعب الدرب... لكننا اذا غادرنا ديارنا, قد نضظر احيانا ان نترك مُؤْنِسا لها...والحصان هو افضل جليس لها, لكي تبقى مساكننا حية. فعندما نضظر ان نتخلى عن خيولنا, فاننا نترك ارثا في ديارنا, ومايشهد على اثرنا.

هنا في هذا المعرض, احاول ان اقترب اكثر من ماهية هذه العلاقة. فهذا الكائن الصامت الجميل يحمل في داخله محبة حقيقية لصاحبه, ويتنظر رجوع اهل الدار لان الجياد تقترن دائما بالكرامة والوفاء والكبرياء.







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