2191 Days and Count- Brooklyn, New York

5th-22nd March 2009

Curator and photographer Maya Joseph Goteiner recently sent out this great announcement:
We will celebrate the opening of 2,191 Days and Counting at Powerhouse Arena in Dumbo, Brooklyn on March 7th. I have been working with Chere Krakovsky to organize and curate this exhibition which will benefit the Iraq Veterans Against the War. All proceeds will be donated to IVAW's Winter Soldier Project to collect soldiers' firsthand accounts of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan regardless of their politics, regardless of whether the soldiers are pro or antiwar, while providing them with much needed legal and mental health support.

One kilogram of ashes from burnt books collected from the library at the College of Fine Arts in Baghdad lies in three glass cylinders, on which Qais Al-Sindy, a 42-year-old Iraqi artist, etched calligraphy verses from a poem about death and renewal. Al-Sindy, who now lives in San Diego, also created a video of the burning of the precious historic collection which he witnessed in 2003

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