(You…& I)- Major Solo Exhibition
EC Gallery- Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA- USA

November 14-30, 2015.





In a luxurious Boulevard in Beverly Hills, Al-Sindy, showed 39 of his painting in EC Gallery. EC Gallery has many branches distributed in different cities and states in US.
The Artist declared in his Exhibit statement: “The philosophy of self-defines the essential qualities that make one person distinct and various from all others. There have been abundant approaches to defining these qualities. The self is the idea of a unified being which is the source of consciousness. Moreover, this self will be always in the worry for find the other who will be integrating it…You and I, is the core of creation. If I love you, then most likely you love me. Then, we don’t need to fight each other. Instead of throwing stones at each other; let us collect these stones to build a bridge to connect us. It doesn’t matter, I will come to your side, or we can meet at the middle”
In her introductory article tilted (You and…I: The Aleph as Seeker) in the Exhibition brochure, Rebecca Romani stated:” In the beginning, there was and is the “I.” The ‘I” feels, the “I” searches for its “You”- the other half of the self. The speaker needs a listener. To be seen, there needs to be a seer. This is especially true of artists whose work wells up from their deepest, most interior self, until it bursts its barriers in search of self-expression and someone, something with which to communicate. It is the Aleph standing on the bridge, waiting for the Omega that completes it.
But what happens when the “I” no longer has a bridge on which to stand? The Aleph in free fall from its context? Who then is the seer? Is there anyone to bear witness? To complete the universal equation of I and You?..”.







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