Dual Major  Exhibition “Encoded Histories” at Mesa Art Gallery-at SAN DIEGO Mesa College-

October 13th - November 6th, 2014






Qais Al-Sindy will exhibit his artworks the first time with Doris Bittar, in a dual exhibition, in which each one of them will show his philosophy of his histories and how it had been coded
according the era that he/she lived in.
Al-Sindy says in his statement about this show: “We know that history is always written by the winners. Yet, for me; we the artists are making the history to be encoded according to our dreams and wishes to make our world be better. Our encoded Histories, is not a fable agreed upon. It is certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation! There are few among us who have the insight and ability to carve history itself; but each of us can work to affect a small portion. These small acts, scenes and fragments of art will be written into the history of our generation. My art attempts to add to that history.”
Bittar explains in her statement: “Encoding history or finding a system that reveals our contemporary predicament, must be a flexible and exploratory process with little expectations on my part as an artist, though I carefully select elements, events and contexts with which to begin this inquiry. I use patterns and decorative icons extracted from cultures to frame specific events or moments, and to find intersections between history, identity and nationalism. "Of Another Stripe," a new body of work employs stripes as the primary pattern motif. Within this vertical structure, I closely following the theme of human value through the selection of bar codes, QR codes and quotations from art history. I intertwine those elements with pattern and decorative structures to test a pattern's veracity to see if it may act as an identifying unit of culture, which I call cultural DNA. Also, because the word “decorum” is related to the word ”decoration,” I wonder if decoration may be a code for behavior? Could pattern and decoration be animated into lattices or structures that probe, layer and connect?”








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