Forbidden Colors
Durrah Magazine
Manama- Bahrain

December, 2016

Qais Al-Sindy was featured in (Durrah) Magazine, issue No 34, Volume 09, winter 2016. Durrah is a premium lifestyle magazine featuring topics of local Bahraini and international interest. Focused on art and culture, Durrah, or, in Arabic, ‘pearl’, focuses on luxury that is based on substance and lifestyle with intellect, rather than excess. On contemporary living that evolves from deep-set roots, rather than globalization, ensuring an inherently authentic flavour for a globally travelled audience. With a core focus on the colourful fusion of both traditional and modern elements that make up the Arabian identity, Durrah aims to promote and preserve all of the elements that make the Arabian Gulf so unique.
Durrah has broken new ground in the premium lifestyle publication segment in Bahrain. Boasting a distinctively individual style and format, Durrah’s balance of intelligent topics and unrivalled imagery positions it as a unique publication in the Gulf. With topics including artisan industries, sports, travel, food, fashion, jewelry, heritage and thought-provoking interviews with the movers and shakers of the Gulf’s economies, Durrah aims not merely to reflect the trends of luxury lifestyle, but to set them.
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