Triangle, Earth and Mother


Triangle, Earth and Mother
Mixed media on canvas
60480cm Wood structure
68150370 cm

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The triangle was considered in the ancient arts of Mesopotamia to be a symbol of Earth and its fertility. The Earth itself was regarded in the Mesopotamian thought as a sign that refers to mother. It is the incubator of cultures, civilizations and arts. In this Artwork, there is a simulation in form to this geometrical symbol, with the ability of the viewer to rotate the canvass as an indication of the continuity of Earth giving and its permanence.

Dans les arts de la Msopotamie ancienne, le triangle t considr comme symbole de la terre et de la fertilit. La terre elle mme t considr comme symbole de la mre. Elle donne la vie aux cultures, aux civilisations et aux arts. Dans cette uvre l, on retrouve une simulation dans la forme de ce symbole gomtrique, et lobservateur peut tourner la toile, signifiant la continuit de la terre et de sa capacit de donner.




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