Tigris River


Tigris River
Glassy aquarium
404050 cm
Water, colored ink on an old book

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1258 . .

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When the Mongolian Holako invaded Baghdad City in A.D. 1258, he burnt its great library and threw all the burnt books in the Tigris River. Water colour changed to blue and remained almost blue for 40 days after that barbarian act. History is now repeating itself.

The time is different, but the place is the same. It witnesses the most atrocious acts (human beings) commit!!! This installation is a memorial of our lost great books. In it there are 40 liters of water, which I was keen to bring from the same river the Tigris.


Quand le Mongol Holako envahit la ville de Bagdad en 1258, il brula sa grande librairie et lana tous les livres dans le Tigre. La couleur de la rivire devint bleue et le resta pendant presque 40 jours aprs cet acte barbare. Lhistoire se rpte. Le temps nest pas le mme, mais le lieu. Cette ville exprimente les actes les plus atroces que les tres humains peuvent commettre !!! Cette installation est un mmorial pour nos grands livres perdus. Dedans se trouvent 40 litres deau que jai cherch dans la mme rivire le Tigre.




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